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Presenter Profile - ZUZA SCHERER
Travels from   Auckland
Based   Auckland
Type   Speaker
Style   Interactive, Inspiring, Brilliant, Insightful, Energetic, Engaging, Dynamic, Impactful, Memorable, Thought Provoking, Passionate, Warm, Entertaining, Savvy, Focussed, Highly credible, Professional, Empowering, Captivating, Content Rich
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Most of Gen Y experts talk about the 'them and us' phenomenon and theorise about this generation's thoughts and attitudes. Zuza doesn't speak from theory, she knows about Gen Y because she IS Gen Y!

Zuza knows the topic from the inside out; she lives and breathes it, she understands their thinking, their ideas and their motivations because they are her own.

Zuza is also a journalist who writes for New Zealand and overseas magazines and is the New Zealand correspondent for Poland's three largest magazines. She has a vast range of experience in radio, television and theatre.  Zuza has been the star, scriptwriter and co-director and producer of TV documentaries and reports, the producer and host on various Radio programmes and has written two plays, including the sell out success “The Meat Queue”, which she also directed. As a professional speaker she focuses on Generation Y, teaching companies how to get the best from their young workforce.

If you think Gen Y's are just those kids serving you at fast food restaurants then think again. Gen Y employees are everywhere, in call centres, travel agencies, recruitment companies and will be a growing proportion of your workforce. They are often highly technical and almost certainly will be the computer engineers who handle your company's PC's and computer networks. They are shaping and creating a new business reality for us all with their attitudes and ideas and they are the future of the World’s workforce.

There has never been a generation like Gen Y, they don't respond to the same managerial style like other employees, they don't have the same work ethics and they don't like the motivational approaches that the other generations like. Any company that wants to survive and prosper in the future has to become aware of these differences and learn how to grow and develop with these young men and women. 

Everyone in business has heard about Generation Y, but only those who are serious about embracing the Gen Y mindset will be able to attract, retain and lead these “young guns” and in doing so, they will gain a critical, competitive advantage in their industry. Only if a company gets to know and understand them will they be able to truly achieve business success in the future.

Zuza is an engaging and captivating speaker - not only will she give you a better understanding of GEN Y but more iimportantly she'll give you strategies on how to respond to them!


"The presentation was particularly powerful because Zuza Scherer is Gen Y herself, she has the unique ability to step back and observe her own age group with objectivity.  Her presentation was enthusiastic, interactive, and humorous. She used a variety of communication techniques and relevant examples to a great effect.  Zuza got good involvement from the audience – never before have I seen a bunch of pork industry stalwarts on their feet moving in orchestral unity, but that is what Zuza managed to do.  If you want a good insight into Gen Y and how to deal with them as your customers then I would recommend Zuza to you."

Sam McIvor - CEO, New Zealand Pork

"Gen Y are an important audience – they are a growing segment of our consumers and of our workforce.  Zuza provided insights that will assist us in tailoring both our employment practices and our marketing programs.  The content and the delivery of Zuza’s presentation were engaging throughout. She is definitely worth hearing."
Hamish Sutherland - General Manager, Mainland Poultry

It was a very stimulating, thought-provoking session.  Zuza has a wealth of knowledge with a vibrant and interactive style which was totally engaging.   Zuza gave us tangible and valuable insights to engage with the Gen Y by providing a lot of useful information and practical examples of how to communicate with Gen Y customers, build relationship with them, create products and market them to Generation Y.  Those tips may be immediately applied by the attendees in their professional practice.  Thanks to Zuza we gained an insight into the way Gen Y think and how this determines their consumer choices. Now we have something to guide us when it comes to selling to Gen Y customers.
That’s why I would recommend Zuza Scherer to any company that understands their effective development strategy has to encompass the great opportunity that Generation Y customers represent.
Murray Linton - Corporate Sales Manager, Agriculture ITO

"If your conference programme is looking for an informative, and thought provoking speaker, then include Zuza Scherer in your planning process.  I recently employed Zuza to speak at the Local Authority Property Association Conference in Auckland to talk about Generation Y.  Her presentation was extremely well received, and her extensive knowledge ensured everyone obtained a far greater knowledge of the ‘Gen Y’s’ that they work with and manage, and in many cases gave them a better understanding of their own families.   Any company that wants to prosper and achieve a competitive edge into the future, needs to understand what the ‘Gen Y’s’ are all about. Zuza Scherer knows the answer."
Tony Laker - House of Travel Lakers

I was impressed with the meeting Zuza and I had prior to her presentation in terms of her need to thoroughly understand our business and the issues we face, the audience she would be presenting to and the message I was hoping to convey to them through her.Zuza’s presentation captivated her audience firstly by showing a genuine understanding her her subject, and then more importantly by giving solutions on how to respond to Gen Y with  practical examples.  She made her presentation even more interesting by adding in a mix of song and dance (including audience participation) to make her point and provide variety.  Add to this her vitality, spontaneity and light hearted humour and you have a well balanced, entertaining and most importantly informative presentation.  In the conference evaluation form and on a scale of 1 to 10 for content and presentation, most attendees gave Zuza between 9 and 10.
Graham Murray – Sales & Operations Manager, Meat – Foodstuffs (Auckland) Ltd 

"Zuza spoke at our Investor's Night held at the newly opened 5 Star Pullman Hotel in Dubai.  The attendees were culturally diverse business people and investors - a very important group we strive to maintain and develop a strong relationship with.  Zuza's presentation was informative, yet refreshing - it was something different and stimulating.  Her message and delivery has a definite international appeal. Attendees could relate to it as employees as well as parents of Gen Y kids and they wanted more!  Zuza was a perfect match for our special event."
ACCOR, Philippe Baretaud, Development Director, Middle East

ACCOR Attendee comments included:
"I have 3 kids and I fully agree with all Zuza’s recommendations.  Her presentation was 100% accurate and listening to the examples she gave I really had the impression that she knew my sons and daughter!"
UAE based businessman

"In my company we have a great deal of these "Y" young people. The insights Zuza gave about the way of adapting to their expectations and how to manage them to make them deliver the best possible output have opened my eyes. Suddenly I see opportunities where before I could only see an unsolvable problem.  Zuza will soon get a call from our HR Department."
Qatar based investor

Zuza Scherer’s presentation was informative, well researched, entertaining and accompanied by effective slides.  It was very beneficial for the audience, as many of those present regularly employ employees from generation Y.  Ms Scherer’s speech had a good combination of practical examples as well as background research which ensured those present could take the information away and apply it to their own business decisions.
Don Nicholson – Federated Farmers

"It was a pleasure to meet you at the recent TIME Convention in Auckland and to hear you speak. You really do have the “Gen Y” knowledge that so many of us “Gen X” or “Baby Boomers” need to hear, understand and implement some changes in our businesses.  Your presentation was informative, captivating and entertaining.  You have a real gift of communication and I would encourage you to take this message to all the corporate leaders in New Zealand.  I would certainly recommend you to any potential client that wants to understand the “Gen Y” staff they now have or soon will have working for them.  Well done on taking this message to business leaders, we need to hear it!"
Paul Bolte, CEO Bartercard New Zealand

"Generation Y are our kids, our employees and – heaven help us – our customers of the future. So what makes them tick? Zuza's entertaining presentation offers an insight into what's going on in the hearts and minds of this increasingly important market sector and provides the tools to help us connect with them."
Chris Gaskell, Managing Director, Spot On Publications  

"I think what makes it an enjoyable presentation is that you bring a sense of energy and enthusiasm to the program."
Don Sciolaro, Chief Executive Officer, USA, National Kitchen & Bath Association  

"Zuza Scherer was very professional in her presentation, was entertaining to listen to, provided a succinct written summary for attendees and integrated very well into the whole conference.Our attendees rated her session extremely highly, with 95% giving her presentation either ‘superb’ or ‘good’ rating."
Alan Wham, Chief Executive Officer, Pharmacybrands Limited   

"Her material was timely, meaningful and logical"
Mike Pinkney, Director, FIRST NATIONAL  

"Your presentation on dealing with Gen Y was very valuable - especially the suggested actions of how to engage them further in what we 'old fogies' want achieved. The tips you have shared will play a part in our thinking on our education and sales process. Thank You.
Graeme Hogan, Managing Director,  Natural Health Laboratories

Zuza strikes the perfect balance of being informative, entertaining and getting her information across to a wide ranging audience.
Kimberly McFarlane, Human Resources Manager, The Langham Auckland

 "Her lively and interactive style of speaking will challenge and stimulate any audience.
Keith Rushbrook, Director, Opportunities Group Ltd.   

"Zuza's presentation was informative, humorous and topical which together with her inclusion of personal examples and reference to the research she has carried out ensure that no one was going to sleep".
Dave Hayden, National Fleet Manager, Northpower  

"As a person who, as part of my role recruits new staff, I found your presentation to be really helpful and it made complete sense. Many thanks."
Belinda Tafua, Manager Auckland Regional Service,  Waitemata District Health Board 

“Zuza Scherer speaks with passion, energy and insights on the Generation Y. Her message and experience is thought provoking and relevant to everyone in business today.” 
Jo Hutchison, Director, Great Spirit

“Zuza Scherer speaks with an authentic voice at the cutting edge of the international generation Y.”
Gerry Forde, Brand Manager, Southland NZ Spirit of a Nation

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“Well Y’red 4 Corporate” - Overcoming generational issues in the corporate environment

In order to achieve optimum results, managers need to:
• reduce staff turnover and unrealistic expectations of your Gen Y employees
• handle their demanding attitude and impatience
• motivate your young employees to give their best
• strive for conflict-free relations between Gen Y, Gen X and BB employees

Great news is that your Gen Y employees can help you achieve these goals.  They will do so when they understand it is in their own very best interest.


“Well Y’red 4 Corporate” will help your Gen Y staff understand the point of view of the older generations of managers, teammates and your precious customers – all those Gen X and Baby Boomers your Gen Y employees deal with on a daily basis.  It will make them realise that some of the typical Gen Y characteristics can work against them and prevent them from achieving their dream goals. 

“Well Y’red 4 Corporate”
will bring to their attention the mistakes, they – as young employees – make, and it will suggest better solutions.


Zuza is an expert equipped with knowledge and experience that lets her deliver this eye opening message.  As a peer of your Gen Y employees, she serves them this “hard to swallow dish” in a way that makes it easier for them to digest and absorb.


“Well Y’red 4 Corporate” is a milestone presentation your Gen Y will appreciate and thank you for.  After this you will on your way to achieve the results you want with your Gen Y employees.

“Y’d Awake”
– Does your company know how to generate profit from Gen Y customers?

• ½ of Baby Boomers in spending phase another 8 years
• All Gen Y in it for another 25
• Gen Y – the only generation with disposable income

So who do you want most?

Resistant to traditional marketing, disloyal to brands, spoiled with ‘two for one’ deals.  Gen Y are difficult clients because they are up to date with the latest technologies and are socially mindful.

Their influence on the market is growing. As the children of Baby Boomers, Gen Y are the largest population group since them. Year after year they will be more and more important segment of customers. Generation Y also has considerable influence on their parents’ consumer choices. More and more your competition will try to win Gen Y as customers.

Gen Y represent a huge opportunity. Companies that want to make it out of the crisis fastest are focusing here.

Attracting Gen Y customers is a real challenge because needs and expectations are different.  Meeting them requires fundamental changes within the companies: different marketing strategies, different communication methods and channels, different ways of developing products and services.

Are you hoping Gen Y customers will soon be like older generations of your customers? They won’t be.  Gen Y is setting the trends that are sweeping across all generations!

From Zuza’s Y’d Awake Keynote presentation you will learn:

• What values drive Gen Y consumers’ needs and preferences?
• What characteristics distinguish Gen Y consumers?
• How to attract and retain Gen Y customers?
• How to establish positive and lasting relationships with this group of customers?
• What strategies of appealing to young customers do successful companies use?

Gen Y customers are a huge opportunity. Are you getting your full share?

“Why bother with Y?”
– Are you making the most of your Gen Y employees?

Three big questions for smart leaders are:

1. Have you figured out how to get your Gen Y employees to help you succeed in the current economic storm? How their energy and enthusiasm can be harnessed?
2. What are you doing now to position yourself to leapfrog your competition when the storm is over?
3. Do you attract the best of Gen Y? Do you know how to retain and make the most of them?

Gen Y employees are everywhere: in call centres, travel agencies and supermarkets, as well as hospitals, banks and universities. They are most certainly the computer engineers looking after the computer network of your company. As children of the Baby Boomer generation, Gen Y is the largest generation since them. As a growing proportion of the workforce, they are already shaping a new reality for business. “New” because it’s under the influence of their different attitudes, different world views and their specific ways of thinking.

Frequently observed characteristics of the Gen Y include: impatience, a sense of entitlement, lack of commitment and loyalty to employer, but also adaptability, openness to change and new technologies, and an almost inherent sense of optimism and enthusiasm. They can be narcissistic and naïve, but when they are managed by superiors who understand their idiosyncrasies, they can become creative, committed and competitive in achieving company goals.

Managers all over the world warn: the management style that works with other generations doesn’t appeal to Gen Y. Gen Y don’t have the same work ethic as other generations and they don’t like the motivational approaches other generations respond to. Any company that wants to survive and prosper in the future has to become aware of these differences.

Generation Y is a global generation. Year after year their influence as employees (and customers) is growing on the market. Those who understand and embrace Generation Y will be prepared to face challenges of the global economy. Only they will keep up with the changing world of business. This will translate into the success of their companies. And the satisfaction to be gained from improved professional, family and social relationships is also invaluable.

In “Why Bother with Y?” Keynote presentation Zuza will share her research, her experiences and how successful organizations take maximum advantage of the best and brightest of next generation of leaders.

Organisations of wide variety of sizes and sectors found Zuza’s presentations insightful and practical.

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