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Presenter Profile - DEBBIE MAYO-SMITH
Travels from   Auckland
Based   Auckland
Type   Speaker
Style   Authoritive, Motivating, Educational, Well Researched, Inspirational, Informative, Visually engaging, Content Rich

Debbie is the “Queen of Productivity”! - she shows people how to get more done in less time!

A native New Yorker, Debbie moved to New Zealand in the mid-80’s straight from Wall Street.  She joined Tower Trust Services (the unit trust arm of Tower Corporation) as their first Marketing Manager and then helped found Jardine Fleming New Zealand as Director of Marketing.  She is recognised as an outstanding educator and presenter and is in demand also as a consultant, trainer and author.  She’s the author of a number of top selling books and her client list reads like a “who’s who” of international business.  

Debbie is must see presenter - most people in business today work flat out.  Yet, there’s a continuing need to improve results, lower costs and increase income.  It’s not a question of working harder, but smarter. Debbie’s presentations offer a multitude of advantages.  She wow’s her audience with a three pronged approach, giving them the inspiration, motivation and information they need to work more profitably, easily and effectively.

Debbie combines years of senior level marketing & business development expertise with her status as one of the worlds leading authorities on email and internet marketing.
 She takes her experience and knowledge and creates strategic and customised presentations for each group she speaks to, showing them how they can be better at marketing, communication business development and customer service. While she focuses on using email and the internet cleverly and cheaply, the message translates beautifully across other mediums. 

Debbie is plain talking, devoid of hype and renowned for her visual presentations. You get a double benefit – both seeing and hearing her message. She tells endless stories about her own and client successes and misses, to bring it home to her audience.

Debbie always includes the how-to strategies in her presentations and doesn’t leave her audience flat.
 She also offers her audience a free subscription to her monthly newsletter - chock full of marketing and business development tips – in effect continuing the message from your conference for years to come. Debbie offers to conduct an online survey of your conference attendees before preparing her presentation to ensure she is exactly on target to their level of knowledge. Also, after her presentation Debbie likes to stay and mingle, answer questions and spend time with delegates to make sure all their questions are answered. 

At home  
Debbie lives in Auckland NZ with her husband and six children (including a set each of triplets and twins) and knows first hand the need to work smarter to ensure she has a balanced lifestyle – but that’s another keynote!!


Business Success:
Objective: Inspire; then show how to easily; methodically; persistently: bring in new business; add value to customer service; cut costs and save time.   Debbie walks her talk. She started her business from scratch; grew it to a consistent high six figure annual income; built an enviable international reputation; writes prolifically; develops innovate programs – all in a short timeframe with minimal resource while managing a busy home and happy family. 

Objective: Skills to improve connection and persuasion with others.  Especially useful for sales, customer service and leadership. Debbie is normally one of the highest ranking speakers at the conferences she speaks to.  With hundreds under her belt over the past few years; you know her secret to getting her message across isn’t just pushing the button for the next PowerPoint slide. 

Productivity/Time Management:
Objective: Show specific shortcuts that dramatically save time; lower costs; add value and boost turnover using everyday software.  Help motivate participants to continue with self learning. Achieving maximum gain with minimum effort:

  • Email usage
  • Technology tips
  • Sales
  • Customer service

Work/Life Balance:
Objective: Transfer the skills and processes needed to focus; hone time management; achieve goals and performance on a business and personal level.  A poster child for the subject; Debbie runs an International business; is a mother of six including twins and triplets and author of 8 books (101 Quick Tips Email and Google; a no#1 best seller).

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Motivation, Business, Communication, Customer Service, Inspiration, Leadership, Marketing, Sales, Technology, Time Management

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