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Our All Blacks rugby team have made history with 'back to back' victories at the 2015 Rugby World Cup in London. Congratulations to all the players and support staff - you've made NZ very proud! Our best wishes go with the senior players heading off overseas, for success in their new clubs.

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Presenter Profile - TONY CHRISTIANSEN
Travels from   Tauranga
Based   Tauranga
Type   Speaker
Style   Engaging, Memorable, Inspirational, Entertaining
Addon   Scaffolding
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Tony believes that attitude is everything and that "your attitude dictates your altitude in life" You'll be inspired by his incredible journey!

Tony is one of the world's leading inspirational/ motivational speakers. He is humorous, bold and straight talking, as he brings you a story you will never forget!    When you meet him you find it hard to believe that he has a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tai Kown Do; is a qualified lifeguard who has been honoured by the World Surf Lifesaving Federation; is a New Zealand speedway and race car champion and was the first disabled pilot to learn and fly solo. On top of this, he has 12 gold medals from six world games, plus numerous silver and bronze medals in field and track events, including 3 marathons!  He's also climbed to Gilmans Peak Mt Kilimanjaro – Africa’s highest mountain! 

Tony lost both his legs in a train accident at the tender age of 9yrs when he was collecting coal at a railway yard for a community project. Although he was not expected to live past the age of 16yrs due to physical and mental challenges, Tony defied the odds and went on to achieve more in his life than most people would even consider trying.

Tony doesn't think of himself as being different - just someone who finds a way to do the things he wants to, that doesn't require the use of legs.  He faces life head on and like Henry Ford, believes that "if you think you can or you think you can't you are usually right". 

The former Managing Director of a leading sign-writing company, he had a whole chapter devoted to his success in the best-selling book "Success in New Zealand Business". 
During 2000 Tony presented to the USA National Speakers Assoc Convention in Washington as the representative for National Speakers Assoc NZ. An invitation followed to speak to the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table in Atlanta (one of only a few NZ speakers to do so).
Inspired by the movie “The World’s Fastest Indian’ Tony went to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in 2008 and became “The World’s Fastest Amputee” reaching a speed of 182 mph (293 km/h) 

Tony has been in constant demand building a reputation in New Zealand and overseas as a highly motivating and humorous speaker. He delivers at conferences and business functions and is the author of three best sellers "Race you to The Top" – “The Sky’s the Limit” – “Attitude Plus”.  He's also a former Tauranga City councillor where he enjoyed making a contribution to his local community.

More recently a meeting at Ruapehu ski fields found Tony working with Travis Thiele (from National Ability Centre Park City USA). Travis is a passionate advocate of adaptive snow sports and in no time he had Tony hooked up in a modified mono-ski and flying down the slopes.

A follow on trip to Park City US some months later found Tony at the 2002 Winter Olympics Bobsled course and he managed to convince the operators to let him go on a ride – he was hooked and now has his sights on a future bobsled event.

Tony’s honesty and openness, combined with a ‘take no prisoners’ approach touches the hearts and minds of his audience - their outlook on life is transformed forever! 


“Tony’s presentation was above and beyond our expectations … had 160 brewery people fascinated … pin dropping stuff”. 
Geoff Williamson, National Sales Trainer, Lion Breweries

“The staff were blown away by Tony – he had a truly powerful message! Fascinating to watch their faces – their eyes never left him. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a room where the speaker has had full attention of his audience for one whole hour”. 
Sue Nicolas Bain, Training Manager, Whitcoulls HO

“You certainly have a compelling story to tell and your technique is great. You were able to capture an audience, make them laugh and cry, but most importantly hold them until the end. Congratulations!”  
Brent Taylor, House Manager, Ronald McDonald House, Auckland

“The audience were spellbound … your story is truly an inspirational example to all complimented by your natural, friendly delivery that is obviously coming from the heart … feedback and comments have been positive and full of praise”. 
Peter Hobdell, Area Manager, Guardian Assurance Ltd, Tauranga.

“Without exception our staff found your speech interesting, entertaining and most of all highly motivational … they were impressed with your positive attitude to life, your goal setting and commitment to attaining these goals … your accomplishments are a great example of a positive attitude, commitment and hard work”. 
David Norrie, General Manager, Uniden

“Tony was a brilliant closing speaker. We have had tremendously positive comments from our delegates and as they say, “where there’s the will, there’s a way” … Excellent!” 
Marg Craig, The Conference Team, Christchurch

“Tony had our whole audience spellbound from the moment he entered. He captured everyone’s heart and passed on a very powerful message that totally embraced the essence of the whole conference”. 
Michelle Sutton, Auckland Area Manager, Flight Centre, Auckland

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Triumph over adversity
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Motivation, Attitude, Inspiration

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