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Marcus Akuhata-Brown

Gifted Communicator / International Young Leader

Travels From:
Te Araroa, East Cape

Consultant, Speaker

Interactive, Inspiring, Engaging, Memorable, Professional, Insightful, Down to earth, Impactful, Empowering

Communication, Leadership, Strategy, Teams, Attitude, Resilience, After dinner, Personal development, Change

Marcus Akuhata-Brown is a gifted communicator and qualified teacher - he's an emerging leader and inspiring international speaker with a powerful message!

Marcus motivates and inspires people to hit higher levels of performance and they leave his presentations with a fresh perspective on life. He’s a gifted communicator and has travelled the world extensively – he’s done everything from meeting the Queen and dining with members of the Royal family to working with the poor and marginalised in countries around the world.

Marcus will stimulate, entertain and inspire you with his powerful message and creative delivery style – he tells of how glass lids of low expectation and achievement were lifted off his life and how, through positive encouragement, intuitive goal setting as well as having the courage to break out of comfort zones, led to a life of excitement, adventure and purpose.

Marcus grew up on the East Coast – he’s a qualified teacher and has led a number of innovative alternative education programmes addressing the learning needs of youth at risk and young offenders.

Over the past 7 years Marcus has travelled all over the world as both a national and international representative. He founded a global consultancy in 2000 and is currently involved in a number of education and training initiatives. He is also previous director on the international board of CIVICUS and member of the Commonwealth Youth Caucus.

He can tailor presentations specifically to the needs of your organisation and facilitate interactive, fun and appropriate events for a variety of contexts including, corporate dinners, business networking groups, awards evenings, staff development days.

You'll be inspired by Marcus' story and feed from his presentations is exceptional - from one client ... 'Marcus is the most fantastic, brilliant, inspiring & entertaining speaker I have ever heard'


Marcus addresses a range of organisational and community issues including:

  • Team Work & Community Building  
  • Participatory Development  
  • Motivational Speaking 
  • Youth Development  
  • Cultural Integrity & Globalisation  
  • Training & Planning for Success 
  • Developing a Common Vision  •  Successful Living Strategies


Marcus Akuhata-Brown has a profound story to tell. His unique delivery style is refreshing and inspiring to all who listen. His ability to connect with a wide range of people from varied backgrounds is exceptional. Marcus is a gifted communicator who can inspire and motivate you to take action and move to the next level. 
Barry Purcell : National President, SWAP

Marcus is the most fantastic, brilliant, inspiring & entertaining speaker I have ever heard. I have seen and heard many speakers, but none have ever made me want to hang around with the crowds after and wait to have my turn to simply shake his hand and say “thank you”. I would strongly recommend everyone take time to hear him speak, to hear his story. It takes a special person to bring a room full of mostly middle aged engineers to their feet (and even some of them to tears).
Bruce Miller – Ingenium Conference

...both his content and delivery were superb. The audience consisted of both male and female and age range from early 20's to late 60's and Marcus hit the spot with everyone
Pete McBreen - Education Services

Thank you very much for your help in organising Marcus for us last week.  His talk was exactly what we needed and more.  I really appreciate the way it worked out at late notice and you ensured we could arrange the talk according to our needs.  We also really liked that Marcus arrived early to be part of the beginning of our meeting and was available afterwards for further discussions.  This was much more appropriate than a speaker who would turn up exactly according to the tight time frame agreed.
Tania Latu - SAF Practitioner 

Everyone responded very well  to Marcus and  enjoyed his delivery and humble manner as well as his interactions before and after the event; a good indicator is the discussions and name-dropping that occurred around our kura long after he left. Marcus was almost the perfect fit; he understood our request very well and made every effort to connect and fit in and there was nothing overlooked – we also had good communication from him and SpeakerLink leading up to our event.
Robert Solomone - Alfriston College

Marcus was amazing and I can honestly say each and every staff member was left in awe of his story.  We all left feeling empowered on a work level and a personal level and wished we had allowed more time with him but that was our fault having such a full agenda. Staff had to take a break at the end as tears were flowing throughout the room but that just goes to tell you how well Marcus touched each and every one of us. To this day we are still getting reports of how much staff enjoyed him. We would really like to thank Marcus for being a true inspiration. He has definitely had quite an effect on a lot of our staff and I’m sure we will choose to engage with him again.
Deanne Ives - Primary ITO