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Wolfgang Wolf

Stroke Mentor

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Wolfgang Wolf had a successful career in advertising and direct marketing but when he woke up after ten days in a coma, life had changed! 

At 39 yrs life wasn’t too bad - Wolfgang had a successful career in advertising and direct marketing (first as graphic designer, later a copywriter). Having studied Graphic Design, Visual Communication and Semiotic in Germany he had free-lanced for some prestigious advertising agencies around the world.

In 1980 he emigrated to New Zealand;  he was employed as a consultant and travelled up and down the country, photographed a lot and co-founded Ogilvy & Mather Direct in Auckland and was their Creative Director. He worked half a year in Los Angeles USA and founded his own agency in Auckland in 1985 and taught the certificate course in Direct Marketing. 

Then in 1990 he received a wake-up-call, Wolfgang had a major stroke which he only just survived. He awoke after ten days in a coma to find that everything had changed and when he was finally released from hospital after 4 ½ months, he had to swap his BMW for a wheelchair and his comfortable pay packet for hand outs!

Wolfgang was unable to write and barely able to stand and talk but he was determined not to give up and feel sorry for himself. He went on to orchestrate this change to his new life and take control of it. 

While he slowly recovered and adjusted to life in a wheelchair he wrote the book “I’m not Stupid, Just Disabled” and then went on to establish a registered charity called “Computers Against Isolation” (a registered charity which provides computers to people who live with disabilities) - he later studied and completed a Bachelor of Social Practice and a Diploma in Community Development.

Wolfgang has been a NZ citizen since 1983 and is a member of Lions International - whether he talks to small clubs, large organisations or at professional conferences, he makes audiences feel comfortable around him.

You'll be inspired by his attitude to life and incredible journey to become the speaker / mentor he is today! 


Wolfgang's presentations are suitable for a range of audiences eg medical, private companies and Not-for Profit organisations and he always fine tunes content to meet individual requirements:

  • change management
  • CSR as part of a marketing mix (how to improve your communication)
  • communication theory
  • direct-marketing
  • nurses' education/tertiary institutions
  • health care sector 

Some presentation titles:

  • I used to drive a BMW, now I get around in a wheelchair - Involuntary change
  • Computers Against Isolation - Past, present and future of a Not-for-Profit organisation
  • Reap what you Sow - the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in a company's marketing mix
  • Say it with flowers, or whatever! - How to communicate more effectively
  • I'm not stupid, just Disabled - based on Wolfgang's book
  • Welcome to my World - Stroke causes, consequences and obstacles (The A-Z of stroke)
  • All people are equal - but some are more equal!